In January 2000 Star Dean-Willcocks proudly sponsored the inaugural Australian Accountants Conference in Aspen, Colorado. that conference was nothing short of an outstanding success enjoyed professionally and socially by all.

For sixteen years the Australian Lawyers Conference has been held annually in numerous locations worldwide, for the last five years in Aspen. Star Dean-Willcocks have been session sponsors and presented papers at the Lawyers Conference for many years and again, for the next Australian Accountants Conference, have secured the support and participation of Gillis Delaney Brown, Lawyers (the principal sponsor of the Australian Lawyers Conference from its inception).

Star Dean-Willcocks are proud to announce the support of Beacon Investment Management Services Limited, Gillies Delaney Brown, BNP Paribas Asset Management Limited and BT Portfolio Services for the second Australian Accountants Conference, this year to be held at Whistler.

Accountants are confronted with constant policy changes from all levels of government, with increased exposure to their client base and those they interact with commercially. The rate of change and related exposure that the professional and commercial accountant is expected to cope with manifest this year with GST and Ralph Report ramifications. Clearly the accountant who keeps abreast of recent developments is in a position to best conduct his practice or business, not only for the benefit of clients and customers, but in a manner to best protect himself.

How has the GST impacted? What lessons have been already learned? Where is the economy headed post Olympics? How does the adviser protect his client against ever increasing personal liability? Where to invest and how to minimise increasing impact and complexity of tax issues and the various legal implications of our day to day working. In its second year, the Australian Accountants Conference is an attempt to create meaningful discussions to find new and creative solutions to problems in these areas and more.

The conference program has been structured to be of professional interest also to lawyers and other advisers who are often called upon by the accountant. The sponsors would welcome and indeed, encourage, non accountants to attend the conference for the mutual benefit of all the delegates.

In addition to an active professional and social program a number of topics will be offered which will be of interest to accompanying persons who are cordially invited to attend any session they find of interest. The Conference provides a great opportunity to compensate partners and families for the disruption caused by the demands of the busy professional and commercial life. Your family can be actively or passively involved in various aspects of the program.

The Australian Accountants Conference 2001 will emulate the high standard of professional content and relaxed friendly environment of the inaugural conference held in Aspen in 2000. The conference is promoted by Value Tours (Aust) Pty Limited.

The program is designed to provide CPE and CPD points for participation.

Kindly note that early registration is highly recommended. Numbers are limited and places will be allocated strictly in order of receipt of completed booking forms and payment. As our package prices have been negotiated on group fares and hotel rates, we are unable to offer immediate confirmation for those wishing to register outside the package however a waiting list will be established and places offered only in the event of the conference package not being fully subscribed. In the event of the conference being fully subscribed all subsequent booking and registration fees received will be refunded.